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Installation Services

At Akal Garage Doors, we work to ensure that your garage doors work effortlessly throughout the year. We believe that proper garage door installation is the key to ensure its lasting performance. That’s why, our trained and licensed technicians install every type of residential and commercial garage door with precision.

Our mission is to ensure that you don’t find any kind of issue with your door again down the lane.Our professional installer will remove the existing garage door and install your new door in less time. From design, to function, to installation, our garage door specialists will help you select the best door for your place. Whether you’re looking for elegant and stylish, or just need something that fits within your budget, we can help!

Residential Garage Door Installation

Your garage door makes up a good portion of the exterior of your home, so make sure you have a door that best meets your needs! Our expert installers can help you get there—we’ve installed new overhead doors for many homeowners in Calgary and Near Area.

No matter what your garage door installation needs are, we have you covered! Whether you need a new energy-efficient door or you simply want a door that will better add to your home’s curb appeal, we have a system that’s perfect for you. Let us professionally install your new garage door.

Our selection of garage doors is extensive

Commercial Garage Door Installation

If you need new garage doors for your commercial property—whether it’s a storage facility, office building or anything else—we are the installers to call. Akal Garage Doors offers the highest-quality products and services to keep your business safe and secure round the clock: