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Cable Repair

When it comes to such important parts of the garage system, our company rushes to helping customers in Calgary as soon as possible.

Garage Door Cable Repair and Replacement problems are not just frustrating for owners but also dangerous. Since they are connected with the spring system and tightened, they are also tensed and can hurt you. Akal Garage Doors tries to eliminate the possibility of cable breakage by offering maintenance service and thorough inspections, but our team is here to deal with all urgent cable repairs needs as well.

Our team provides immediate Garage Door Cable Repair, which also include the replacement of the garage door cables.Once the cables replaced and the new cables is installed, our professionals test the balance of the door and make sure it closes and opens evenly on both sides. We can replace cables for all spring systems and fix the extension spring pulleys,Garage Door Cable Repair if they cause cable damage.

We install garage door cables What’s important is that our technicians can deal with all issues related to Garage Door Cables in Calgary and Near Area and their fast response ensures that your troubles will soon be over. If your garage door cables came off now, don’t move the door to avoid damage and safety hazards. Whether the cables are broken or off the drum, our team can fix it. We don’t only guarantee fast emergency cable repairs but also great skills in installing garage door cables. If the existing cables are old, loose, irreparable or damaged, rest assured that we will install new ones at your convenience and with great caution.
Cable Repair


Our company supports all customers in need of professional garage door service. Whether you need preventive maintenance or repair services for your existing door, you can depend on our work. Our job is to fix any problem with the door, panels, the opener and the parts.
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