GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS are one of the most essential components of a garage door. They do all the heavy lifting and bear high tension every time the door opens or shuts.
There are mainly two types of springs that are used in a garage door – torsion GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS & extension GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS.


Modern garage doors have torsion springs mounted above the door. These galvanized springs are made of soft steel which over the time loses its strength. That’s why, non-galvanized springs are a better option as they are made of hardened spring steel.


Extension springs are found on older doors and are mounted above the door tracks or on either side. They raise or lower the door by stretching and contracting, allowing smooth operation. These springs cannot withstand extreme climatic conditions, such as hurricane and force winds. Thus, it is advised to inspect the springs often to see the potential signs of damage before they cause any damage to you and your property.


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